Hello My Name is Greg Traylor and I am the Owner of Stay Safe Pro Cleaning Services, LLC. I Moved To The Twins Cities in 2015 where I got my first job as a janitor at (HCMC ) Hennepin County Medical Center. 

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I Moved to the twin Cities back in 2015 where I worked as a janitor at (HCMC) Hennepin County Medical Center. There I learned how to clean Offices, bathrooms and common areas of the Hospital. I Also Learned about different Chemicals and Machines used to clean floors and Carpet. During my time at HCMC hospital I also learned how to safely and effectively clean Hazardous areas using Personal Protective Equipment. Working at the medical center has Taught me the importance of sanitation and the health risk to Patients and employees when using different chemicals. I know the importance of a clean space and how it makes people feel better at work to know that their environment is safe.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.