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First initial Deep Clean on us, offices only with office restroom included.

20% off first contract.



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We only use non-irritant, eco-friendly EPA approved disinfecting solutions

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During these unusual times, businesses and offices are looking for ways to continue work and keep their team safe from Covid-19.  For those essential businesses, We can offer daily, bi-weekly, weekly and semi-weekly professional sanitizing and disinfecting schedules

Stay Safe Pro Cleaning Services, LLC have the skills and certified chemicals to keep your environment safe, sanitized and disinfected on a regular basis.  We use the most effective way to disinfect by using new age cleaners. Our process ensures that the disinfectant is applied evenly and will even wrap around surfaces.

We also uses strong, hospital grade disinfectants that are also safe and are approved to be used on food-grade prep surfaces.  This process will rid your office and factory of germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria to eliminate 99.99% of the contaminates that our products come in contact with. Service options include:

  • Carpet and cleaning and sanitizing

  • Complete wipe down of all exposed surfaces 

  • Advanced sanitizing process on all surfaces and touch points

  • Optional: Regularly scheduled office sanitizing visits 

Contact us today to learn more about our sanitizing services that will make your office and business healthier and safer in the days and months ahead.

Call Now: 651-447-7859

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Elizabeth M.

I hired Stay Safe Pro last second to clean my house before my family came for the weekend. Greg was very professional and had great customer service. I was surprised they had such short notice availability! I went with the Deep Clean service and I’m glad I did. They gave me a call before they came and were pleasantly friendly. Before they finished cleaning they asked me to check their work over before they left in case anything needed to be redone. They did a seriously thorough clean in only a couple of hours!

Lisa V.

Greg at Stay Safe Pro Cleaning Services did a GREAT job. The company was brought in as I was doing a bit of renovation on my bathroom. After having all the work done, the space needed to be cleaned. Greg was absolutely wonderful from beginning to end. He masked up and got to work by thoroughly cleaning the entire bathroom/bedroom area, checking in several times to make sure things were to my liking, and leaving signs and labels on items, like the sink and toilet, to assure me that the rooms were cleaned properly. I have had other cleaning agencies come into my home before but the level of professionalism I experience with Greg and Stay Safe Pro Cleaning was exceptional. 

Steve H.

OK I’m really happy with these guys so far. I live downtown and wanted someone to come twice a month while I was at work. After using a few cleaning services in Minneapolis, I’m sticking with these guys for their ease of use. I can pay, manage my appointments, and give feedback all online. Every time I come home everything looks great! No complaints here.

Janet C.

After doing a lot of calling around I decided to book! My mom lives in St. Paul and from my last visit I knew she needed a bit of help taking care of her house. It was easy to book a time for them to come to the house. Since I’m paying for the service it’s also convenient to have the recurring payment just go to my credit card. Kathy always cleans and I know she really enjoys the work. She did her move out clean as well as the move in clean to her new condo. Thank you again!

Diane R.

Stay Safe Is the perfect name my office actually feels safe and clean. They did a amazing job !!!! I am very pleased with this service. Greg was very Professional and responsive from start to finish. Kathy had very great customer service she was nice and very kind. My office smells fresh and it feels very clean. She did a amazing job I am very happy to have use this service. Thank you Stay Safe Pro.

Victor M.

Thank you Stay safe pro! I am very pleased with my Office. The service was amazing. Greg Had a Quick response, very professional, and gave me a honest quote and was great at problem solving. The one thing I appreciate most is that Greg and his Team made sure that their work was to my liking before leaving. I was pleased that Stay Safe Pro was passionate about providing quality work that I booked these guys for recurring services. Thank you Stay Safe Pro Cleaning Services.

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